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Bridal Collection - Knot Beyond Your Dreams

The most important and memorable season of our life, the desire to imagine the intangible of the five senses, ‘envisioning the invisible’, challenged us to delve deeper into the world of traditional and modern, rhythm and melody, to create the perfect attire and sound to life. Partnering a high-level of finery and craftsmanship with the sentimentality and personalization of a woman's signature day, Capell Haute Couture Bridal Fall 2020 is rooted in the notion that no two women are alike, each requiring their own unique saree and style. This notion and a bride's desire to express her individuality in her special day with her look, and through fashion on her wedding day, ushered in new approaches to Kanchipuram Weavers, fine threads and intricate work, woven into our interpretation of how the world of elegance would come to life in our latest collection