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About us

India's most sought after flagship store for women’s wear, Capell Haute Couture has been actively fulfilling every girls' couture dreams. Founded about 10 years back on a very small scale, Capell Couture has now become a big family with over 750 people working passionately. Inspired by varied elements from Several Hand Painters, Art Curators, Nature and a strong calling for couture art, Miss. Neetha established a designer online studio in November, 2020. As the founder and the head designer of Capell Haute CoutureTeam confesses a soft corner for vintage art; which can be observed in the design of our online studio as well.

The unique selection of Kanchipuram that we offer to our clients are our USP. Every store sells clothing, but the design and garment just for you, no matter what size you are, We Capell Haute Couture are the best in Town. We make sure that every woman gets her dream attire. To make it possible, we weave moments of the girl's passion and choice she implicates into the ensemble. Capell Haute Couture offers a complete personalized experience to their clients.

Our team keeps on experimenting with immense styles and choice of fabric and works. Capell Couture assures master craftsmanship when it comes to work detailing. Along with the adaptation of ongoing trends, we strives to experiment with their designs. The experimentation is not restricted to the design, they tend to experiment with fabrics and silhouettes too.

Capell Couture is known for giving a contemporary twist to the traditional silhouettes, containing Zardosi and Thread work by using them with Leather and Organza details on Organza, Georgette, Tussar and Dupion Silk fabrics. In this way, we seek to redefine the design and style for the new age bride.

Capell Couture offers a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles in their ensembles. Miss Neetha says that a hint of personal touch is essential to any signature design. Hence, she incorporates inspiration from bohemian art along with floral motifs in her designs. She has received tremendous love from her clients till now and she resolves to remain as the new age Woman's first choice.