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Customize For You

Due to Covid - 19 Restrictions, Weavers are unable to take single customization orders. Hence we do not undertake customization for upcoming weeks.

Customize or ‘bespoke’ means ‘made to order’; in this instance we are talking about the design completely customizing to match your requirements.

Why do you need Capell Couture?

Here comes the beauty of customization, Take an example of you saw a dress or design online and size options to buy disappointingly says " Not Available".

That's where we step-in to help you perfectly out of the situation. We will design and assist you till the end, once you put the dress / garment.

Our expertise till today will bespoke the exact design, color and garment "Just For You".

If you are plus size, you are at the right place, we can design and arrange a perfect fitting to finally the best way you dreamed of.

Do only one thing, take the measurements as per the video in
Take Measurements

& send us a Whatsapp message with the design you liked. ( The garment design link from our collections)

We take orders for

  1. Stitch the garment as per the design you choose from our collection.
  2. Thread work the pattern shown in the product design in the material of your choice.
  3. Paint the pattern shown in the product design in the material of your choice.
  4. Print the pattern provided to us in the material of your choice. ( conditions apply)
  5. Send the pattern you need in the garment or fabric
  6. Stitch salwar / gowns as per the measurements and product designs displayed in the website or choice of design.
  7. Dye the Fabric of your choice.

Please contact us on +91 9074426034 for further enquires, happy to work with you always.